Meet our Global Spotlight panelist. These African leaders will share their stories at NeoLife Virtual Convention 2020!

Afeez Tijani
5 Diamond Director – Nigeria

Despite a degree in Economics the only job available to Afeez Tijani was a teaching position. As a teacher Afeez realized he would never achieve the big dreams he had for his future and resigned three months later. He then went into business for himself selling clothes in an open market in Lagos Nigeria and it was here that a customer invited him to a NeoLife Opportunity Meeting. Today Afeez has the largest NeoLife Business in West Africa, developing 9 Presidents Team members and a dynamic and enthusiastic team who have impacted the lives of thousands. Afeez has been consistently qualified as a 5 Diamond Director for the last five years and believes he and his Spark Team are just getting started!!

Bingi Nyakwela
5 Ruby Director – Tanzania

With two degrees in computer science and mathematics from the university of Houston Texas, Bingi did not see a future in Network Marketing. However, after becoming a mother of twins and experiencing the frustrations and limitations of the corporate world, Bingi decided to take a closer look at NeoLife. In the last year Bingi has doubled her NeoLife Business and took her 5 Ruby Director step in May 2020. Bingi and her dynamic team of Leaders are shifting mindsets and perceptions throughout East Africa and creating a movement of successful NeoLife Entrepreneurs who are excited about the future.

Melissa Butler
1 Ruby Director – South Africa

After a life changing incident in 2016 Melissa turned to her NeoLife Business as a way to overcome the challenge. A decision to get committed and become intentional about her success, and a decision to become passionate about her own personal growth, had a significant impact on Melissa’s business. Through NeoLife, Melissa is on a mission to empower women to freedom and a life of impact, and with a genuine desire to help others succeed, Melissa has built a dynamic team of young families who are on a mission to make this world a healthier and happier place.

Drew McDermid
VP Sales – Southern Africa

Growing up in a NeoLife Home and watching his parents find true purpose and freedom through their NeoLife Business, Drew knew from a young age there was something special about the NeoLife Family! After a move to London and despite a successful career in the Banking world, Drew grew frustrated by the lack of purpose, passion and freedom that he had witnessed growing up. Realizing that NeoLife truly does offer people a better way, Drew built a successful NeoLife Distributorship and is now also a part of the NeoLife Executive Team.

Virtual Convention 2020, there’s still time to attend!