3 Ruby Director, Chelsey Clark shares how she is expanding her business with Nutriance Organic Skin Care by hosting Spa Nights.

Can you describe your Spa Night events?
It’s a fun way of experiencing Nutriance Organic! It begins with sampling wine and cheese, then a short presentation on skin health and introduction of Nutriance Organic. We quickly walk through how the 3-Step System works. Afterwards we dive in for the full experience!

How do you invite people to the Spa Nights?
I use Facebook, texts, and make phone calls. I find that hosting on Saturday evenings definitely works the best for many women that I have invited.

What do you do to setup for the event?
I think about what would be an inviting presentation for the guests who have never experienced having a Spa Night. I create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Use small mirrors, one of each 3-Step System (Normal/Dry and Combination/Oily), cotton pads, and nice center pieces to put on the tables.

I have wine and food for the guests. To promote other NeoLife products, I also make what I call a NeoLife “Mixer” which is a combination of 2 oz. of Tré, 2 oz. of Aloe Vera, and 2 oz. of Sparkling Water poured in a wine glass.

I also include goodie bags for all attendees to introduce whole food nutrition. Each bag includes one NeoLifeBar, NeoLifeTea, and a NeoLifeShake packet, with a note that says, “Thank you for coming.”

How do you get started with the presentation?
I introduce myself and share a short story. After, I play the 5-minute video from the Back Office with SAB member Dr. Liz Applegate so that the guests hear from an expert.
After the video, I walk through the 3 steps and share the bonus products: Insta-Lift Eye Gel and the Rejuvenating Rich Cream. They just dive in and have the full experience. I walk them through each step, letting them do it themselves.

What results have you experienced?
Our team is having great results hosting Spa Nights. Who doesn’t love a fun evening of pampering? We’ve had lots of new growth thanks to these events.

What is something you have learned by hosting Spa Nights?
I’ve learned to put care into the presentation of food and skincare set up. Lots of great lighting and a fresh and clean setup keeps it inviting. We added a fun special flair because we want to welcome others into our business and also, we want them to see the fun and the community that we offer, which included doing something with Brassfield Estate wine from the Founder’s vineyard. This provides a way to welcome everyone, share a back story of the wines and the owners, and tell them how beautiful the Estate is and how two Promoters on my team got to attend Leadership School there after stepping up to Emerald Directors. This helped to transition by informing the guests that at the end of the night they would be told how they can enjoy an all expenses paid trip to the Brassfield Estate Winery.

Is there something specific you encourage them to put on Auto-Ship?
Yes, in the presentation we also play the 3-minute Breakfast Pack video. We’ve sold as many Health Packs as 3-Step Systems by encouraging them to put Pro Vitality or the Breakfast Pack on Auto-Ship. This unlocks the 30% discount on Nutriance Organic products.

Any other tips or advice you can share?
Close the presentation by handing everyone an order form on a clipboard with a pen. This is essential for getting others to make a decision to experience the NeoLife difference. Your sales will greatly increase with this one simple action.

Host your own Spa Night!
Find everything you will need in the Nutriance Organic Tool Kit in your back office.
Go to myoffice.neolife.com > Resources > Resource Library > Product Launch Tool Kits > Nutriance Organic

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