nicole_donnie_bernatowiczThese inspiring 90-Day Challenge winners share their results using the Vitality Pack!

“Given our professions of being a Family Medicine physician and a Fitness Trainer, we are always looking for ways to boost overall health. I started a boot camp 3 years ago, as my wife was completing her Family Medicine residency program.  It has now grown to over 60 folks.  Since the beginning we have preached about writing down realistic short-term goals.  In our combined experience of over 20 years, we consistently have seen better results with those who wrote down their goals and had the added accountability of a date or planned event.  With that being said, we think that modeling something you believe in is the best way to lead.  Our hope is to encourage all of our fitness family through the Be Your Best Challenge.

We are very excited to say, with the help of NeoLife products, we have transformed our bodies and have challenged our fitness goals in ways we thought were not possible. They say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” We took a week vacation, and I forgot to pack my Pro Vitality. Being a coffee junky has always skewed my judgment on being energized through natural supplements because I am used to consuming so much caffeine. My experience in the fitness industry over 20 years has resulted in many supplements, none of which I could legitimize the cost for what seemed ineffective to me. The results promised, were simply not there. Rewind to vacation… it seemed that I had a coffee in hand most of the time (more than normal), but I found myself still struggling with low energy. I didn’t put it together until I got back home and picked up where I left off with my daily Pro Vitality, CoQ10, and Acidophilus Plus. I then realized where my energy dip was coming from. The energy we feel from these products is definitely a plus, but the real value for us comes from how quickly we recover since being on NeoLife supplements.*

donnie_bernatowicz_baMost recently, we competed in our first ever CrossFit competition, which was my first goal. This was on Feb 18th and consisted of 4 workouts from 9:30am to 9:30pm. The first workout was a 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 50 pull ups, 50 box jumps, 50 double-unders, 50 wall balls, and 50 handstand pushups. The second workout consisted of 4 – 70 lb. kettle bells which had to be lifted in the air the entire time while we completed 150 lb. bar of 40 power-cleans, 50 meter carry, 40 dead lifts, 50 meter carry, 40 shoulder overheads, 50 meter carry and 40 thrusters. The third workout was a max lift on clean thrusters, jerk, overhead squat, and bench press. Fourth workout was a 2,000 meter row relay. Our team finished in 6th place. A workout of this magnitude would typically take me about a full week to recover from, but I was ready to go at my second goal of 25 muscle-up’s 4 days later, which I completed.

nicole_bernatowicz_baNicole and I participated in our first ever CrossFit Games, open workout. They were releasing 1 workout per week over a 5 week period. Our standing after completing the first workout which was 10 snatches, 15 burpee/box jump overs, 20 snatches, 15 burpee/box jump overs, 30 snatches, 15 burpee/box jump overs, 40 snatches, 15 burpee/box jump overs, and 50 snatches, 15 burpee/box jump overs. I competed in the RX version with 50 lb. dumbbell and 24 inch box jump. Nicole competed in the scaled version with a 20 lb. dumbbell and 20 inch box jump. Nicole placed 8th Worldwide for female Medical Doctors of her age range, and 1st in our region for female Medical Doctors of all ages, after the first event. I placed 708th place of 10,390 Worldwide master male RX competitors, and in our region was 9th place after the first event. We would never be able to put such a demand on our bodies in one week’s time without the help of NeoLife!

Our body transformations were evidenced by our photos, and we both burned some additional fat, with a total weight loss of 15 lbs.†”

Click here to watch Donnie at CrossFit Games | Click here to watch Nicole at CrossFit Games


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†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.