Left to right: Dr. Diane E. Clayton, Jordan M.K.I. Oshiro, Derek Martin, Xuhuiqun Zhang, Dr. Arianna Carughi
Left to right: Dr. Diane E. Clayton, Jordan M.K.I. Oshiro, Derek Martin, Xuhuiqun Zhang, Dr. Arianna Carughi

NeoLife Proudly Presents:
The Annual Young Investigator Awards at PhenHRIG 2017– A Global Scientific Event

NeoLife has always been a frontrunner in contributing to the field of scientific research by supporting young investigators. Since its inception in 1998, NeoLife has been a founding sponsor of Plant Phenolics and Human Health Research Interest Group (PhenHRIG) and has supported young polyphenol researchers. Established by our own Scientific Advisory Board member, Dr. Arianna Carughi along with Professor Myron Gross from the University of Minnesota. This exciting partnership helps keep NeoLife at the leading edge of nutritional science in order to develop high quality and competitive products year after year.

PhenHRIG continues to be dedicated to identifying the numerous health benefits associated with consumption of plant phenolic compounds in the form of phenolic rich foods or supplements. This year’s PhenHRIG 2017 Symposium was held on April 22nd in Chicago and focused on the exciting new area of how plant phenolics alter the microbiome and human health. The Symposium attracted a lot of interest from eminent researchers in the field of nutrition science.

At this year’s symposium, Dr. Carughi was joined by Dr. Diane E. Clayton, another distinguished member of NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board, who also took part in the 2017 Young Investigator Award ceremony.

At the meeting three researchers were recognized for their outstanding work in the polyphenol field, and were presented with the coveted awards:

Jordan M.K.I. Oshiro from the Department of Food Science at Purdue University awarded for his research on:
“Impact of piceatannol and resveratrol on the proteomic profile of Caenorhabditis elegans.”

Derek Martin from the Department of Food Science at the University of Wisconson-Madison awarded for his research on:
“Anti-inflammatory activity of aronia berry polyphenols in Jurkat T cells.”

Xuhuiqun Zhang from the Illinois Institute of Technology awarded for her research on:
“The reciprocal interactions between red raspberry polyphenols and gut microbiome composition: preliminary findings.”

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