According to the latest USDA dietary guidelines Americans aren’t consuming enough whole grains fruits and vegetables. As a result, half of all U.S. adults have a preventable, diet-related chronic disease. They suggest consuming more whole grains, fruits, vegetables as part of an overall dietary pattern to reduce the risk for developing diet-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and obesity. Sadly we are far from achieving this goal and the truth is… often it is not our fault!

Unfortunately, modern food processing strips out the outer nutrient-dense layers that provide lipids, sterols and other vital nutrients from grains such as wheat, rice, and soy. This can lead to inefficiency at the cellular level, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. Dial in to hear Susan Adams, RN, BSN, as she shares the current state of the standard American diet and how NeoLife’s scientifically formulated NeoLife nutritionals can help fill these gaps while supporting optimal cellular energy and vitality.