NeoLife Research Manager, Natalie Masís showcases 4 simple ways that you can demonstrate the power and versatility of Golden Home Care. 

LDC: Brown Paper Bag Demo

LDC or Light Duty Cleaner is Golden’s light and mild formula that is for a variety of tasks around the house. You can use this in your bathroom, kitchens, and it’s a great product that you can demo as well.

In addition to that, some tasks that it can help with is that it can help with washing dishes, hand-washing undergarments, sweaters, wiping kitchen counters, mirrors, stove tops, sinks, tubs, toilet bowl, you name it! There’s a resource online to see a more extensive guide of where you can use the product and the specific measurements you can use. So keep in mind, this is a multi-functional product and can replace many products that you may own in your household.

What you have to keep in mind about our products are that our products need to be diluted. This is great to know because you are buying a concentrated substance. We are not selling you excess water which is oftentimes what you may find you when you buy products in the store. So that’s the first part. Typically, you will want to dilute this product at a 1:5 ratio, meaning that you use 1-part LDC and 5 parts water. You can use the guide on your spray bottle to do this.

So you mix it up and at this dilution you can perform the following tasks: clean sinks and tubs, toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning cabinets and shelves, chrome fixtures, kitchen appliances.

So now, how does it do this? Well, there’s a few terms that I want to introduce so you can help with explaining this to others as well.

This mild-detergents contain items called surfactants and these have a role in a few things. They first help with reducing surface tension. Surface tension is what allows things, like small insects or leaves, to float on water because their weight is not enough to penetrate the surface of the water. The water molecules cling together to form bonds and hold surface tension together–it prevents the water from breaking apart and this is why you see water form beads on hard surfaces or what allows these items to float on water and not penetrate.

So surfactants REDUCE the surface tension of the water and it allows water to become “wetter” per se, to penetrate surfaces, such as fabric, and spread evenly on hard surfaces. Let me show you this example.

Fill 2 glasses of water. Add some LDC to one cup. Crumple two brown paper bag papers and drop on top of both waters.

You can see that one will float and the other sunk! The LDC reduces the water tension.

This is how it acts on your surfaces and fabrics, it allows it to penetrate soils and then helping with lifting off the dirt and other substances. Surfactants also emulsify, enabling oil to be surrounding by the surfactant because it has both hydrophobic (oil-soluble) and hydrophilic (water-soluble) portions that surround it and helps lift these off fabrics and surfaces and flows into the wash water. You can imagine how this works in washing dishes.

LDC: Oil Droplets Demo

Fill 2 glasses with water and mix oil in just one glass. Imagine oil residues on your dishes, with LDC, we can see that the oil is emulsified and won’t stick to the sides of the glass. It will wash down and penetrate the grease–for easy rinsing.

The surfactants in LDC are biodegradable meaning that they are broken down by natural biological action.

With LDC concentrate you can make 6 Liters of diluted LDC.

Super 10: Crayon on Carpet Demo

Super 10 is the heavy-duty cleaner. It is more industrial strength and typically you mix 1 part of the product with 10 parts water. For Super 10, you can make 11 Liters of diluted Super 10.

It is triple-action by penetrating surfaces, dissolving soil and stains, and emulsifying to take these stains away. It works to penetrate the spot or stain and gets between the surface and the dirt. It then dissolves it for easy removal and finally, it emulsifies it by rinsing or wiping.

It does the job of many household cleaners and can remove stubborn stains in fabrics, and clean garage floors. This is also biodegradable. Some uses include bathroom fixtures, bathroom walls, hard water deposits in the bathroom, ceramic/aluminum and other countertops, toilet bowl cleaner, grease and oil spots, carpets and rugs (as a spot cleaner), and so much more!

Rub crayon on a scrap of carpet and then spray the Super 10 onto the carpet. Let it soak a bit, and agitate it using the towel to speed things up a bit. You can show as you blot it how the stain is being lifted and it’s gone. This is a great way to show the power of Super 10! The stain gets from the carpet to the white towel.

Remember, for even a more heavy-duty cleaning solution, dilute it with less water (1:3 dilution) so you can use as an oven cleaner to remove oil stains from the ground from the car. This is a great way to showcase the value for the concentrate.

Green: The Onion Demo

Our final product that we have is Green and this is a liquid cleaning concentrate that is very gently. It is safe was a body wash and fine fabrics. We use it to wash our hands. It is non-drying so even after you wash your hands, they won’t feel super dry–they’ll feel soft. It is very versatile and is more geared towards personal use.

Specifically, Green contains a kelp-derived ingredient from the sea and is protein-rich as well. These great ingredients make this a fantastic product for many uses.

This is great for situations where you may have strong odors in your hands, like from cutting strong-smelling veggies like onions, or handling fish and meat. Can I have a volunteer? You can rub a piece of raw onion across the palm of the prospect’s hand. Now place a few drops of Green only their palm and have them to rub it in. Have them sniff their hand again.

The odor is gone! You can show how it helps protect and clean hands.

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