NeoLife Global Science Network Member & Convention Guest Speaker

When I went into medicine, I went into it with the goal of helping people. I think that’s true of a lot of doctors.

What I had not anticipated was that I would go into a field of medicine that is in its nascency in such a way that I would have to constantly be defending what I do to help patients.

Thankfully, in more recent years, the general public perception and the perception of other doctors about nutritional medicine has positively changed; but at times, it feels painstakingly slow.

I now find myself amongst the family of NeoLife members and see that I am amongst people who also believe in foundational medicine; which means using diet, lifestyle changes and nutrition-based supplementation to support health goals. This is so heartwarming to see the passion and drive that you all have towards ending chronic disease and promoting health goals BEFORE it gets out of hand.

At this year’s Convention in Phoenix, I met so many of you and I want to thank you all for the warm welcome. I find myself in a unique position that many doctors dream of…which is to be able to reach more people than could be achieved in any clinic or hospital, and to be able to share my knowledge and passion for my field of medicine, Integrative Medicine.

Many of you had questions for me at the conference about what it’s like practicing Integrative Medicine out in the medical arena with other doctors. The answer in short is that it’s not easy. But in the last 10 years of my practice I have definitely noticed the trend is changing. It’s changing towards more acceptance and support and genuine curiosity…but there is definitely still skepticism.

So, how can we change this skepticism?

You might also be asking yourself why I’m talking about all this.

The reason is that I’ve been where you sometimes find yourselves…amidst naysayers about something you feel strongly and passionately about.

Even as a doctor, I know what it feels like to be passionate about health, nutrition and lifestyle modifications and have other people and doctors look at you like they don’t believe in what you know to be true…that nutrition and lifestyle habits do in fact alter health.

It’s up to each and every one of us to decide whether we use tools to help us alter health in a positive or negative way. The dinosaur way is to throw drugs at a disease state once it occurs. We know that we can alter our health with healthy lifestyle choices and the right nutrient support and head off negative health changes and help our body achieve the healthy status we want. But…we have to take action and take those steps to get there.

My point is that you’ve taken action to achieve your health goals…help others to do so.
When you find yourself up against naysayers, use scientific facts and use real life success stories to help them understand and learn. Because if we don’t help them learn, then we are allowing ignorance to fester.

In my own microcosm, I have used scientific studies and positive patient outcomes to help sway other doctors and people in my area to now support this type of medicine. You can too!

I say this in my introductory message to my NeoLife family members…approach these naysayers with love and patience but arm yourselves with science and true success stories.

That’s worked for me…I know that it can help you spread your good news as well.

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