The brain is an incredible, complex organ that is the seat of human intelligence and controller of behavior. The brain controls thought, emotions, memory, motor skills, breathing and other processes that regulate our bodies and keep us alive.1 All this in an organ that weighs about 3 pounds in the average adult. Learning more about this fascinating organ helps us understand how we think and how we can support our brain health and cognitive abilities.

Supplement with NeoLife

Flavonoid Complex
Flavonoid Complex provides a wide array of flavonoids representing a variety of flavonoid classes — flavones, flavanols, flavanones, anthocyanins, and catechins — as they naturally occur in human-food-chain fruits and vegetables. NeoLife’s exclusive blend of flavonoid-rich extracts and concentrates is derived from food sources like green tea, cranberries, oranges, kale, and more.

Super B
Super B is a high potency formula that contains all 8 members of the dietarily essential B vitamin family, including folate, vitamin B6, and B12. Each tablet also contains 50 mg of choline. Super B utilizes threshold-controlled technology for sustained release over a period of 6 hours.*

Vegan D
NeoLife’s Vegan D contains 25 mcg of vitamin D per tablet, 125% of the DV. It provides a combination of vitamin D2 and D3 sourced from mushrooms and reindeer lichen, one of the only vegan sources of D3. Vitamin D promotes a range of benefits like supporting proper calcium absorption to maintain strong teeth and bones, normal nerve functioning, and immune system health.*

Salmon Oil Plus
Clinically tested Salmon Oil Plus provides standardized amounts of 8 omega-3s, including DHA, EPA, and DPA. One serving of Salmon Oil Plus provides approximately the same amount of omega-3s as one serving of fresh salmon. Ultra-pure, all sources are screened for potential contaminants to ensure purity.

NeoLife’s Elevate is a delicious nootropic energy drink designed to power both your brain and body.* Elevate has 100% of the DV for folic acid, vitamins D, B6, and B12. Each serving has 120 mg of natural caffeine from green tea and 200 mg of choline. Elevate also contains electrolyte minerals to help support optimal hydration.*


  1. Brain Anatomy and How the Brain Works. John Hopkins Medicine. Accessed July 12, 2023.