Congratulations Top 10 World Team

#1 Marilee & Dwight Johnson, OR
1 Ruby Directors

Marilee: I love the NeoLife products. We would not be up here if these products did not work and could not recommend them to our friends if we did not see the results, nor if the people did not see the benefits.

My favorite business tool for building NeoLife is the Team NeoLife App and the new drip campaigns. I can have an event and then follow up with them by adding them to a drip campaign that I made once, but use over and over again. It’s been a time-saving tool and really helps to keep new folks connected and informed.

Dwight: We are humbled to receive the #1 World Team award because so much of my success comes from the entire team. They have worked so hard and have been so dedicated to sharing the value of good nutrition, which is really the foundation of NeoLife.

I know that belief is critical to success. When you really believe these products are as exceptional as we say they are, you just do not get the same amount of rejections. When you are passionate and enthusiastic and you know these products are going to impact lives in a positive way, people sense it – that passion sells the product.

I have heard lately that “EQ,” or emotional intelligence, is more important than “IQ.” Emotional intelligence is ability to connect with people, and that is what this business is – connecting and caring. We can see the best future for people before they can see it themselves. I cannot stress enough the importance of really caring about people, getting out of your comfort zone, and letting the rest of it take care of itself.

I think the variety of new tools have been very helpful for our entire team, because we have tools that fit a lot of different ways of building this business. Everything from the success teams, to the new tools in back office, to product catalog and challenge. It gives everyone an opportunity to build the business in a way that is true to them.

I encourage all of you to use the tools that NeoLife offers and that your upline offers, and most importantly, to build a business that is true to who you are, because that is when your passion truly comes out.

#2 Bryan & Mica Stinnett, IN
Sapphire Directors

Our favorite tool right now is the Team NeoLife App (TNL). This has been a game changer for us! Tons of easy to use videos and written content right at our fingertips. It allows me to see when others open a video I sent and watch it so I know when to follow up. This business is for everyone especially if you want to make a massive impact!

#3 Allan & Nicole Blain, TN
3 Ruby Directors

The business opportunity webinar has been a game changer. It has given us and our team a credible resource to share with prospects after leading with the business opportunity. Some of them decided to learn more about the products after viewing it and as a result became Club Members. That works for us!


#4 Wayne & Leslie Hanson, OR
Sapphire Directors

We often share our website, where our new prospect can view the products and their benefits and can become a Club Member or a Promoter. Through a loving, caring relationship we’re partnering with people in a shared mission to end the trend of poor wellness and poverty in
the world.

#5 John & Sue Hamilton, CA
Sapphire Directors

NeoLife has taught us the value and importance of building relationships, both with God and others. We love our NeoLife team and one thing we consistently do for them mid and end of the month, is offer to pick up product because this helps remind them to order and to promote ordering among their own downline, which also provides them an opportunity to love and serve their teams.

#6 Jim & Pat Hangstefer, TN
Sapphire Directors

One of our goals is to call 25 people every day. We categorize into groups such as, current members, current promoters, people we haven’t seen or heard from in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, etc. The main reason calling is so effective for us, is that Jim’s caring, loving heart clearly comes through over the phone and people can clearly “see” and hear his genuine care and concern for their welfare and they respond.

#7 LaVonne & Richard Vaughan, FL
2 Ruby Directors

I found that consistency and developing a duplicate system works best for me. Having a consistent weekly meeting, monthly group training and one on one training for leadership pays off in personal growth and development for the whole team. Promoting team and corporate events is a must, if you don’t go how will you ever grow… Stay teachable and seek wisdom from leaders who walk the walk.

#8 Linda & Richard Burr, CA
1 Ruby Directors

One business building tool we use that has helped get us to the top 10 World Team is getting people to events – corporate events, such as convention and the NeoLife Rally. We also create our own events, such as shake and spa parties, one-on-ones, our Farmer’s Market booth and Breakfast of Champions. The more people we get to events, the faster we grow!

#9 Chelsey Clark, GA
3 Ruby Director

My favorite tool for building the business are Healthy Hours & the NeoLife product catalog. It’s essential to have Healthy hours weekly and for those who can’t make it follow up with a one on one Catalog Appointment. Staying consistent and being intentional with these two tools is where our team finds growth!

#10 Bob Pearson, OR
1 Ruby Director

I think the biggest things that allowed us the privilege of being top 10 are monthly Breakfast of Champions, being on a success team, doing in-home presentations.

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