Probiotics have been steadily gaining more attention as research continues to reveal just how important a healthy gut microbiota is. Your microbiota has an astonishing level of impact on you, including, but not limited to, impacting nutrient absorption, playing a role in immune defenses, and even producing neurotransmitters like serotonin.1 When we consume beneficial bacteria in our foods, or as supplemental probiotics, they can join forces with our intrinsic, or natural, resident microbiota, helping to prevent our gut microbiota from getting out of balance.

When to take a probiotic has become a hot topic of debate among researchers, doctors and health professionals. What time of day should you take a probiotic? Does timing even matter? Should you take a probiotic with food or on an empty stomach?

There are various conflicting opinions out there… some say it’s best to take in the morning on an empty stomach.2 Others say it is best to take it just before or right after a meal because you want to take your probiotic when there is the least amount of stomach acid present in your gut.3 How are you supposed to know what to believe? Remember that in order to be effective, probiotics must survive the harsh environment of your digestive system – stomach acid and bile salts, in order to work their effects in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where they are needed.4

However, when you have a high-quality probiotic with the proper technology to protect the live beneficial bacteria from stomach acids and bile salts, timing is not all that important.4 What matters more is that you simply remember to take it daily.

How do you find such a rare product, you ask?

Meet NeoLife Acidophilus Plus™, an intestine-targeted probiotic developed by a world-class group of doctors and researchers who teamed up to develop an incredibly unique solution to the problem of probiotic protection and delivery. With Acidophilus Plus™, researchers had created a high-quality, proprietary blend comprised of five types of clinically proven probiotics, with each capsule containing five ‘billion’ live microorganisms (that’s the equivalent of 10 servings of yogurt). Then they developed a special enteric protection system called Gel-Gard, designed to protect the probiotics from stomach acid and harsh bile salts in order to maximize their delivery to the intestines, exactly where your body needs them most.*

Choose a high-quality, intestine-targeted probiotic product from a trusted brand to free yourself from worrying about having to get the timing perfect. NeoLife’s unique Gel-Gard Enteric Protection system helps protect the live bacteria from stomach acid in order to deliver them to the intestines, regardless of the time of day.*

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