NeoLife selects four NeoLifers based on the most inspiring transformations plus one randomly selected NeoLifer who complete their 90-Day Challenge to win each quarter. Each winner receives a $2k prize package including cash and gear! Check out their inspiring stories below.

Josh Cox

Lost 25 lbs. using Weight Loss Pack
A1c was 7.1 – now it’s 6.5, Blood Pressure was 140 / 90 – now it’s 120/80, Cholesterol was 652 – now it’s 313

“I started using the Weight Loss Pack at the beginning of the year. I added Lipotropic, NeoLifeTea and Glucose Balance to my daily regimen and have noticed even better results. My clothes are fitting better, I’ve moved 3 spots back on my belt loop, I’m sleeping better through the night and have more energy throughout the day. NeoLifeShake keeps me full between meals so I’ve cut back on snacking and eat a more healthy dinner instead of fast food. I feel amazing, even my doctor is excited to see the direction my health is going and I just want to share this with everyone!”

Heather Clark

Lost 16 lbs., 4 inches in waist and gained an inch in biceps, feeling her healthiest ever after 3 boys
Started with Weight Loss Pack and switched to Sport Pack

“I entered the Challenge several times before but never sent in my results. I felt like my results wouldn’t be good enough. But after having my third child, I wanted to get active and strong again for myself. Plus, I wanted to show other moms the importance of good nutrition and how taking care of yourself empowers you to be your best for your kids too.

I set a 30-Day goal to lose weight using the Weight Loss Pack by replacing two meals a day with NeoLifeShake. Once I saw the desired results, I switched to the Sport Pack to tone and strengthen my body. I fueled my body with Performance Protein after each workout to build and repair my muscles. It was no easy task but having the right nutrition and a great support team helped. I am super thankful for the Sport Pack giving me life.*”

Anne Killian

Lost 30 lbs. using Weight Loss Pack

“Everyone talked about the health benefits of NeoLifeShake, so I committed to the Breakfast Pack for my health. I was shocked when I lost 10 pounds the first month! Then I continued, this time replacing two meals with NeoLifeShake per day. I didn’t eat between meals or after dinner. This is so important, the body needs a break! Currently I am down 32 pounds and feel great!”

David Smith

Gained 10 lbs. of muscle using Sport Pack

“The Sport Pack is incredible. I have suffered many injuries that I physically could not workout without using my Health Pack, Full Motion, extra Salmon Oil Plus and more. Supplementing with these products makes working out so enjoyable and support quick recovery. It really helped me to lift and workout regularly so I could put on muscle. These products and the Challenge have truly changed my life. I feel stronger, more confident and ready to take on more challenges.”

Rey Deveau

Completed 1 million step challenge & lost 10 lbs. using Breakfast Pack + Magnesium, Salmon Oil Plus & extra Tre-En-En

“As we get older, our bodies need more help getting to the healthy place that once was so easy for us. I truly believe because of the Breakfast Pack, I am healthier than I have been in years and I am so thankful for finding NeoLife!”

†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.

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