condimentsCondiments add flavor to any meal. Many of us can’t imagine our favorite sandwich without mayonnaise or salad without creamy dressing, however, they tend to be loaded with sugar and high in fat. The truth is condiments can quickly turn any healthy meal into a bad one. Condiments are only intended to enhance a meal not be the main attraction.

If you can’t cut these condiments out completely, use them sparingly or try substituting for a healthier alternative. Instead of slathering condiments on your food, drizzle some on a side dish. This will help you be aware of just how much you are adding to your meal. Don’t let condiments hold you back from your weight loss or fitness goals.

Cut back on these 4 condiments-


2 Tbsp:             180 Cal            20g Fat            180mg Sodium            10mg Cholesterol

Just two tablespoons of mayonnaise supply a whopping 20 grams of fat and almost 200 calories! That’s just for TWO servings! It’s easy to spread well over 4 servings of mayonnaise on your sandwich, and many more when mixing with a chicken salad.

Instead try non-fat Greek yogurt


2 Tbsp:            110 Cal            11g Fat                  300mg Sodium           5g Cholesterol

Topping your salad or dipping veggies in ranch hinder what would have been a healthy option. Ranch is made from a combination of mayonnaise and buttermilk. It is safe to assume that any creamy condiment is high in fat.

Instead try hummus or a balsamic vinaigrette


2 Tbsp:            40 Cal              320mg Sodium            10g Carbs

There are so many ketchup lovers out there and many think that they are just adding tomatoes to their dish. What many don’t know is that a main ingredient in ketchup is high-fructose corn syrup, a popular ingredient in processed foods and soda.

Instead try adding a couple slices of tomatoes or salsa

Barbeque Sauce

2.5 Tbsp:         60 Cal              240mg Sodium            15g Carbs                   12g Sugar

Barbeque sauce is made up of mostly sugar and contains high levels of sodium. Like Ketchup, barbeque sauce contains high fructose corn syrup. Adding it to steak or a chicken breast? You might as well just eat it fried.

Instead try low sodium soy sauce, or a dry steak rub

Remember – Condiments are only intended to enhance your meal!

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