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Delmar Carmack
3 Diamond Director

NeoLife 3 Diamond Director, Delmar Carmack recently gave us an exclusive interview about how NeoLife has changed his life. Check out what he had to say, and what living the NeoLifeStyle means to him!

NL: How many years have you been with NeoLife?
DelMar: I’ve been in the business now for 31 years.

NL: Can you share with us a little about your background, and where your story first began with NeoLife?
DelMar: Before I heard about NeoLife, I was a painting contractor. That job was actually coming to an end and it was around that time in 1985 that I first heard about NeoLife.
This gentleman who was a Distributor for NeoLife knew my wife, and was initially trying to get her to join; he told us we could live our dreams and would eventually end up sponsoring us. My wife initially bought some products because she wanted to lose weight. Then in June of 1985, I signed up as a Distributor, we got married in August 1985, and we started as a husband and wife team!

NL: Were health concerns ever a thought in your mind before you started on NeoLife products?
DelMar: Definitely. I really wanted to be healthy especially because my family had a history of health challenges, and my father passed in 1974 with kidney problems.

NL: What was one of your greatest motivations for working so hard?
DelMar: Once I realized how great the quality of the products were and that I could make money, I went to work. I first started because my brother was in the military and was leaving, and I knew I wouldn’t have a car soon because we shared a car. I had to do something quick, and told myself if I could just make $500 to make the car note I needed that would be good. But from there, it went beyond my wildest dreams!

NL: How did you go about building your business and team with your wife?
DelMar: When we started, we did “one-on-ones”, which meant meeting with individuals, and “home shows” which today would be equivalent to Shake Parties; we did them at least three or four times a week. Also, back then we didn’t have all the tools that are available today, so we built somewhat through word of mouth, and those that came would invite more people. What’s great about this business is that you don’t have to know a lot of people; you just need to know a handful of people. For me, I call it sharing an opportunity, and I don’t call it or see it as sales.

delmar_carmack2NL: How has your NeoLife business helped you achieve a better way
of life?
DelMar: The person who sponsored us told us we could live our wildest dreams. We believed them, and it changed our whole life, and that made me realize how important it was to help others.

NeoLife and this business has allowed me to achieve so much not just for myself, but it’s also given me the opportunity to help others change their lives in so many ways—healthwise, and through the financial part, I’ve been able to help people make a career out of NeoLife. And as a result, people have been able to travel the world, put their kids through college, buy their dream homes, cars, and so much more.

NL: What are some ways you encourage and empower leaders in your team?
DelMar: Everything starts with a dream or vision. I teach them to set goals, and write them down because that empowers people. I never tell them to do it for the money, but to do it for a cause. For me, my mother was single with 9 kids, and that factor personally empowered me to want to do well to take care of her. Keep your dreams high, set good goals, roll your sleeves up, and go to work!

NL: What makes you excited about the future with NeoLife?
DelMar: I’m more excited now then when I began 31 years ago. When I started, we didn’t have all the tools, cell phones, internet, and technology that is available today. This is the best time ever for the NeoLife opportunity because more and more people have an uncertainty about their future.

NL: So, we’ve heard that you have quite an extensive car collection—how did that come about?
DelMar: Over the years I’ve spoiled myself and our NeoLife business has always paid for all my cars. I have a couple Harley Davidson motorcycles, an SUV, XLA Jaguar, and a Classic Viper Denali; we have a 4-car garage to fit them all. Once, I even got to ride my motorcycle all the way to Canada.

NL: Where do you draw inspiration from to keep working hard at this business even after three decades?
DelMar: I just give all my glory to God, and the fact that He has allowed me to have this life which began with a $49 investment in this business 31 years ago. Everything we have now is by the grace of God, and comes from the willingness to go to work.

NL: What is NeoLife to you?
DelMar: I work for a company that has the best products in the world; I take them everyday, and I’m my best customer. Financially, it’s also changed our lives. NeoLife has allowed us to live in our dream home in a gated golf course community, to have a second home on top of the Four Seasons hotel, and to be able to have other investments in real estate as well. I look forward to continually working for NeoLife for the next 20-30 years. It’s all about the people!

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