Magnesium controls more chemical reactions in the body than any other mineral. Cellular energy production requires magnesium, making adequate intake critically important for both competitive and recreational athletes. NeoLife’s exclusive Tri-Mag Blend is made of three naturally-sourced and highly bioavailable forms of magnesium.

  • Promotes healthy muscle contraction and relaxation to help prevent cramps, muscle weakness and impaired coordination associated with low magnesium levels*
  • Supports overall cardiovascular health, normal blood pressure and heart rhythm*


Anti-fatigue nutrients to promote energy production, healthy nerve function and maximize endurance.* Because the body’s ability to endure prolonged activity is linked to nutritional energy reserves, the concentrated nutrients in liver support increases physical endurance and provides a nutritional buffer against fatigue.*

  • Highest quality desiccated liver from grass fed cows. Contains 100% pure South American beef liver with no growth hormones (anabolic steroids), antibiotics or pesticide residues.
  • Vitamin C and Neo-Plex Concentrate to enhance nutrient absorption and protect whole food components from oxidation*


Exclusive NeoLife SPORT Bio-Tone provides specific free-form amino acids and lipotropic factors to support muscle retention, lipid mobilization, lean tissue development, and overall body tissue toning.* Get physically stronger with a well-functioning metabolism to support efficient muscle building and recovery.

  • Supports muscle retention*
  • 100% natural free-form amino acids include L-arginine, L-ornithine, and L-tyrosine
  • Designed to work while you sleep. Taken three hours after your last meal and before bedtime, Bio-Tone allows for increases in blood levels of specific amino acids in the absence of competing amino acids.
  • Fat mobilization, lean tissue development, and overall body toning*