$1,000 Fitness Challenge Winner
Dr. Tom Hickey

What inspired you to join the Challenge?
I was inspired to join the Challenge after reading an article about adding muscle mass at every age. At almost 65, I wanted to prove that people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s can put on muscle mass given the right diet, exercise and whole food supplements at any age.

Tell us about your results…
In just 30 days, I hit my goal of gaining 5 lbs. of muscle and cut 2% body fat. I used the SPORT Pack along with a well balanced diet focusing on adding more protein and complex carbs and strength training with weights.

What was your typical daily routine?
I started each morning with Pro Vitality and a NeoLifeBar. About an hour or so before working out I drank the Performance Protein. Post workout, I ate a small protein meal like chicken or lean beef with brown rice, oatmeal or a tuna sandwich. When I didn’t have time to prepare a small meal, I added NeoLifeShake to my routine. Later, I would have a second Performance Protein shake along with the SPORT Pack supplements.

Did you notice any additional results?
I worked out 5 to 6 days a week and could not believe how much stamina I had to push myself in the gym. I recovered very well with little to no soreness.*

Did you include any other NeoLife Nutritionals in your routine?
I also included BioTone – 3 before bed and Enersine -3 before breakfast, into my regime 5 days a week. 



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