90-Day Fitness Challenge Winner
Kristin Elser

1. What was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge?
Prior to NeoLife, I struggled with my health for most of my life, as I had no real knowledge of nutrition. In November, I was introduced to NeoLife by several friends; Sandra Bradley, Tommi Lee and Shandell Thompson. Listening to Nicole & Allan Blain’s testimony at a Shake Party and the science behind the products gave me the curiosity to give the products a try. I’ve truly enjoyed the benefits I’d experienced and knowledge I’ve gained. But it was watching Shandell’s weight loss journey week by week that motivated me to finally get serious about my health and work towards my long time goal of training for and running a half marathon!

Plus, before NeoLife, I struggled with keeping that inner flame lit. The group support from the NeoLife family is something I really needed to keep me motivated to hit my goals!

kristin_elser_after32. What was your 90-Day goal?
My goal was to train and run a 10k in under 65 minutes. After weeks of training, I exceeded my goal! I ran the 10k in 64:23, that’s 6.2 miles at just over 10 minute mile pace.

3.How did your Health Pack help you hit your goal?
The Breakfast Pack has helped so much! First being that now I start each morning with a NeoLifeShake. Before, NeoLife I would always skip breakfast, causing me to over eat throughout the rest of the day and give in to my cravings! Now that I start the day with a shake, it helps keep me from over eating during the day and the energy from Pro Vitality helps me push harder. I also love to drink NeoLifeTea before my runs.

I used to go out to fast food all the time whenever I was in town running errands because I live so far out. Now I always carry a NeoLifeShake or NeoLifeBar to along with NeoLifeTea to tide me over till I get home! It also dawned on me that NeoLifeShake is way cheaper than even my old dollar menu purchases!

I’ve been so blessed my kids are also enjoying NeoLife! My daughter asks for her ‘ice cream shake’ every time I blend up my NeoLifeShake! The real blessing has been that my son James whose had mouth surgery four times this year, usually loses 3-4 pounds after each one due to not being able to eat. But drinking the NeoLifeShake Rich Chocolate, he’s able to maintain his weight – no problem. Thanks to the Breakfast Pack!

4. How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
The Challenge has changed my life by giving me confidence – something I never had before. I actually had a tough time finding before photos because I use to always hide from the camera. Now, I enjoy being in photos and don’t want to miss out on making memories.

Also, I used to be someone who never really wanted to try new things for fear of failing but now that I have been setting goals in the Challenge and achieving them I have the confidence to new things a shot! Now I’m even signed up for a 1/2 marathon in September!

It’s been amazing to start feeling comfortable in my clothes again! I had been too stubborn to buy bigger clothes and was just living in my tight clothes. The other day, I was telling my husband, “Hey, these pants fit!” And he responded that they look good!

And now I even have the confidence to share my results with NeoLife to help others change their health. I love being apart of the NeoLife family and working together to end the trend!

5. What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge?
My one tip is do not beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Tomorrow is a new day and you can always make a better choice then, don’t let your past choices define you.


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