Eliashib Zwonitzer

“When I was a month old I went through major surgeries and had 80% of my small intestine removed. I was not supposed to live when I was a baby. But Praise the Lord, I am now a healthy, athletic, young man. This however has made it very difficult for me to process food and nutrients correctly and has made it hard for me to gain weight. Being an 18-year old male and only weighing 140 pounds was not satisfactory for me.

One of my good friends encouraged me to join NeoLife, and I have been on the Breakfast Pack ever since. When I heard about the Be Your Best Challenge I was stoked! I decided to not only start improving my health by taking these amazing products but to enter the Challenge to be my personal best!

In just 30 days, I had amazing gains – I gained 10 pounds! I worked out 5 days a week for about one to two hours focusing on my upper body strength. Each morning, NeoLifeShake made it extremely convenient to get the proprietary blend protein that I need to fuel my body. I took NeoLifeShake as a pre-workout supplement; which gave me so much energy to power through intense workouts. I also had great results with Pro Vitality as it sped up my overall recovery time! NeoLife is a great product and I am excited to continue to grow in my health and sharing this awesome product with others!”*