By: Dr. Diane E. Clayton, Ph.D.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a keen sportsperson, or you’re just trying to manage or lose weight, building and retaining muscle is always a good thing. It’s well known that protein consumption after resistance type exercise helps build muscle, but the effect that this has on subsequent appetite was unknown. In a study conducted by scientists working in the U.K. the effect of calorie equal carbohydrate-only and protein-only drinks on post-exercise appetite were compared.1

Well trained men completed about 50 minutes of a resistance training program and then immediately consumed either the carbohydrate-only, or the whey-protein only drinks. The subjects did not know which of the 2 drinks they were receiving. After 65 minutes they were then served the post-exercise meal consisting of Spaghetti Bolognese and olive oil and asked to consume as much as they wanted within a 20-minute time window – where eating rate and total amount consumed were both measured.

The study results demonstrate that the test group who received the whey-protein drink ate significantly less overall, and also ate at a slower rate when compared to the test group who received the post-exercise carbohydrate only drink. Overall the test subjects who received the protein drink consumed on average 102 calories (430KJ) less than those who had received the carbohydrate drink. For those of us trying to build muscle whilst losing weight this is significant.

It has been frequently reported in scientific literature the most likely possible mechanism to explain this effect on satiety relates to the stimulation of gastro-intestinal satiety hormones by protein.

This research indicates that the consumption of protein following resistance exercise has added value in controlling appetite. So, consuming high quality protein drinks or shakes during a weight loss program may have an extra benefit other than merely helping to preserve and build muscle whilst losing fat. Your NeoLifeShake combined with the right kind of resistance training is just what you need to help you control your appetite and get lean!*


Dr. Diane E. Clayton, Ph.D.
Biochemistry, Nutrition Complementary Health Practitioner
SAB member

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1. Monteyne et al. (2016). Whey protein consumption after resistance exercise reduces energy intake at a post‑exercise meal. Eur J Nutr DOI 10.1007/s00394-016-1344-4