A very important lesson I have learned is that you can’t exercise your way out of poor nutrition.


People often ask me why they aren’t reaching their fitness and weight loss goals even when sticking to a good workout routine. Before answering, I usually recommend he/she start keeping a journal of what they are eating and drinking along with exercise and show me in a week.

Not surprisingly, this journal tends to reveal a pattern of justifying unhealthy eating habits with a little exercise and not enough nutrition. In this case I can follow up with the answer of ‘you can’t exercise your way out of poor nutrition!’ and then go on to point out what that person needs to cut out and what they should add to their diet. It doesn’t matter how hard you push yourself in the gym if you are eating poorly at home.

It’s not about denying yourself the foods you love until you just can’t take it anymore. But it is about moderation. Making sure that when you do cheat, it is just enough to curb your cravings and not enough to undo the results you have already accomplished.

Supplementation is also extremely important because 90% of people aren’t getting the nutrition necessary for good health through diet alone. Tune in next week to check out my interview with Health Coach Anjana Srivastava to learn more about Omega 3s and the importance of choosing the right supplements.

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  1. Hi Kendra,
    Great blog.

    I often tell my clients that they can not supplement a wretched diet. In order to create good health it is like a three legged stool, each of the three legs represents nutrition, supplements and exercise and the seat of the stool represents prayer and emotions!

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