The Future of Retirement

future_of_retirementAn insider’s look at what’s being said by some of the world’s most respected thought leaders on the subject of retirement.

The NeoLife Family Foundation is part of a network of top supporters of the Milken Institute, a non-profit, nonpartisan think tank determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health.Read More

Game On! Dirt Vs. Clean

If you are a parent then we’re sure you’ve experienced that when kids are at play it can feel impossible to keep the dirt away! We love to see our kids having fun and being active, and now there’s no need to stress because Golden Home Care has your back, and bottom! From products that get your house clean and keep your family safe, to all things laundry, Golden Home Care is your solution for powerful, earth-friendly and economical cleaners. We are always thinking of you, so you can focus on what matters most… Your family!Read More

Acquiring Education Crucial for Success

JerryHow the quality, relevancy and validation of education effects you.

In today’s world, access to education is more abundant than it has ever been. In 2010, Google announced that there are 129,864,880 books published in the world. The internet has opened up the floodgates to an era of free knowledge made easy, where with just a tap of a finger we can gain access to more hours of content than we have hours left to live. At the same time that I enjoy the benefits of this easy-access education, I firmly believe that the way in which we acquire it and the types of education we seek out will significantly shape our success. I would like to take a moment to address this in order to illustrate how to weed out the trash that will negatively impact a person’s future and, more importantly, how we can all gain the knowledge to achieve more than we ever thought possible.

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Mother of 11 Reveals Her Secret to Energy & Vitality

jenise_johnsonDial in to the Leadership Call tonight to hear how this mother of 11 children & new World Team Member managed to build a successful business while being a homeschool mom.

“I’m the mother of 11 children, ranging from 2-20. I homeschool most of these children. I was introduced to NeoLife supplements about 15 years ago when I stumbled across an article. I saw a picture of a mother that looked absolutely radiant and her 10 children that looked like they were the peak of health and full of life and vitality.Read More

How to Choose the Right Sports Protein Shake

When you’re leading an active lifestyle, getting the right balance of macro and micronutrients is absolutely critical. Intense exercise depletes your body of nutrients, energy, and protein, so replacing those nutrients is necessary to prevent deficiencies that can negatively impact health. Athletes and trainers alike know that peak nutrition status is an integral component of optimal sports performance and that high-quality nutrition can give you the competitive edge needed to train, perform, and recover. But with so many products out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Finally, the answers you’ve been looking for on how to pick the right sports protein!

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Meet Mark Lowman

mark_lowmanMeet Mark Lowman,
Vice President of Product Science & Technology

Hi, I’m Mark Lowman. I’ve been part of this great NeoLife company for the last 21 years. Mostly in Product Development as well as leading the team of individuals responsible for developing and maintaining NeoLife’s state of the art quality control systems. I am also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.Read More

Announcing the New CEO of NeoLife: Kendra Brassfield

jerry_and_kendra2016Dear NeoLife Family,

For the last few years I’ve been working to put the team in place that will lead us into the next 60+ years of success. A key component to the completion of this plan has been to find the right person to succeed me as CEO. I’ve learned over the years that this person is critical to the long-term success of the organization. He/she would need to have a unique combination of intelligence, discernment, passion, conviction, drive, gut instinct, as well as a certain level of fearlessness to rise to the occasion. My daughter Kendra has proven to be the right leader for this position.Read More

Founder’s Message: The Life and Principle of Passion

JerryAnd the Pursuit of Extraordinary Achievement

In the all-time best selling book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote “desire is the starting point of all achievement”. I think this is absolutely true. I also think that everyone who has lived a life of extraordinary achievement has experienced failure and been stronger as a result. But what is it that allows us to persevere when those failures seem insurmountable?Read More

#NeoLifeSummer Photo Contest

summer_photo_contest2It’s summertime! We know it can be tough to stick to your health goals with all the excitement of beach days and family vacays – which is why we’re happy to kick off the season with the #NeoLifeSummer photo contest! Let’s motivate each other to make summer 2016 a healthy and happy one!Read More

Ignite Success & Thrive


Ignite Success & Thrive

NeoLife events take place throughout the year, bringing members of the NeoLife family together from around North America. NeoLife events are priceless experiences, centered on community, growth, and tons of fun!

Here’s an insider’s look at just some of the awesome knowledge shared from Distributors and Directors at the 2016 Be Your Best Rally…Read More

Zinc – The Mighty Mineral for Men

With Father’s Day just around the corner, June is the perfect time to focus on men’s health.

One of the most important essential minerals and an especially critical nutrient for men is zinc. Now you’re probably thinking; what’s the big deal with zinc and why should men pay particular attention to it?Read More

22nd Annual Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship

furstaward_2016This year’s 22nd annual Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship was awarded to Kelechi Nwachuku, a junior at the University of San Francisco, majoring in Biology with a concentration in Bio Chemistry.

Kelechi was deeply honored to be the recipient of the Arthur Furst Scholarship, and his undeniable humility and genuineness poured out of him when he spoke about his gratitude with such passion. What initially struck Kelechi about Dr. Arthur Furst was the astounding amount of research and articles Dr. Furst published, how much time he devoted to his passion, and the incredible work ethic he poured into them. “I was talking to Dr. Furst’s kids, and they were sharing with me about how much he enjoyed his work. I think it’s so beautiful to see someone who is so immersed into such greatness and contributing to society. If I could have anything Dr. Furst had, I would want his drive—with a drive like that change can really happen,” said Kelechi.Read More

William Mihalski: Full Speed Ahead

My name is William Mihalski.  I am happily married to my wife Bridgett and we have 8 beautiful children.  The day before Thanksgiving, November 25, 2015, I was out in the woods with six of my children cutting wood when the chainsaw twisted on me as I was cutting through a small stick that my daughter was holding.  The chainsaw went into my leg, just a bit above the ankle bone.  I missed the artery, main nerve, and the bone (thanks be to God!), but I hit two of my tendons.  Although not completely severed, the tendons were cut and “chewed up” by the teeth on the chainsaw.  My children got me back to the house, where I was put into the car and rushed to the emergency room.Read More