$1,000 Fitness Challenge Winner
Danika Robson

“I’m so proud of my first triathlon time at the Vancouver Triathlon where I finished 5th of 69 women with a time of 1:17:25. To train for it, I used the Breakfast Pack along with the Stack-on NeoLife SPORT Performance Pack, Performance Protein, and occasionally incorporated Enersine and Bio-Tone. The Breakfast Pack alone gave me the energy to actually want to train, and has helped me get over serious muscle cramping. Before NeoLife, I had given up running for a couple years because I’d cramp running downhill. The Performance Protein helped so much with muscle recovery it’s insane! I did hard workouts and the next day I didn’t feel any soreness; whereas I always used to be sore. I have also noticed my endurance has increased; just a week before the race I ran 22k, whereas before I could barely do 5k! I’m excited to continue pushing myself with NeoLife.”*


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