$1,000 Fitness Challenge Winner
Mason Brown

“Thank you to NeoLife for this awesome opportunity to be able to work on being healthier and having the chance to make some money while doing so. These last 30 days have been nothing short of great while taking the Vitality Pack and working towards my fitness goals. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started taking Pro Vitality, I figured it would help me in some way, but I never thought it was going to make me feel this good. I have taken many different forms of supplements and proteins for sports throughout my young adult life, but nothing seems to compare to the Vitality Pack.

The way I was able recover after a hard work out blew me away! I have never been able to train at the rate I did and will continue to do if I didn’t have the Pro Vitality. I have never done a ring muscle up in my life, but over my 30 days I got up to 8 in a row. I also was able to get my squat max from 165 to 195 and do 8 handstand push ups. I am blown away by the results the Vitality Pack has given me, after completing my goals I managed to put on 2 pounds of muscle! I can’t imagine what muscle and strength I can gain once I get some NeoLife protein as well. Not only did my workouts improve while taking Pro Vitality, but my overall life did. My everyday tasks got easier and easier, it was like my energy level stayed on 100 percent all day. While others were getting coffee and other caffeinated drinks I had all the energy needed thanks to NeoLife. Thank you again, for allowing me to be the best me.”*

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