Listen To Your Gut

gut_healthThe popular phrase “listen to your gut” can apply to much more than intuition. Our gut health is actually connected to functions in the body like our immune and nervous systems, hormones, mood, weight, brain, energy, and heart. It decides which nutrients are absorbed and what toxins are eliminated. Read More

Neo Fuzz Buzz

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.18.32 PM#NeoLifeShakeOff Winner – Kayce Cooper

Neo Fuzz Buzz
-2 scoops Creamy Vanilla NeoLifeShake
-1/2 cup frozen peaches
-1/2 cup 0% greek yogurt (honey)
-4 oz. sugar free apple juice
-4 oz. water
-sprinkle chia seeds on top

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Nut Butter & Jam

nutbutter_jam_recipe#NeoLifeShakeOff Winner – Ashley Fox

Nut Butter & Jam

– 2 scoops Creamy Vanilla NeoLifeShake
– 2 tsp. nut butter of your choice
– 3-5 strawberries
– 5 oz. almond milk (optional)
– 3 oz. water
– 6 ice cubesRead More

James Floyd

2014 Fitness Challenge Champion

James grew up with NeoLife. He felt called to continue his late mother’s legacy by running a race in her honor. But not just any race, a marathon! A full 26 miles which is tough for anyone to complete, especially for someone like James who admits he hates running.Read More

Suzy Hume


2014 Weight Loss Challenge Champion

Suzy slowly put on weight until she no longer felt like herself. Her self-esteem was low and her body ached so she prayed for a solution. She was just moments away from having gastric bypass surgery. By the grace of God, her good friend and upline convinced her to try NeoLife. Read More

Kate Hoersten

2014 Fitness Challenge Champion

Involved in many sports growing up, Kate found it easy to stay in shape. At her peak, she even swam Division I in college. But a growing knee injury prevented her from continuing her favorite activities. Kate joined the Challenge to get back into a routine.Read More

Lavonne Vaughan

lavonne_vaughan12014 Business Challenge Champion

After numerous failed business ventures, Lavonne encourages people that “NeoLife is a new beginning. A place where you can become whole again.” Lavonne had been waiting for the real thing, not knowing what it would look like. When she was introduced to NeoLife, her heart told her “YES”! The more of NeoLife she gets, the more she knows this is it.Read More

Tracy Burns

tracy_burns12014 Weight Loss Challenge Champion

Tracy hit the bottom, his weight took over his life. As his weight went up, Tracy’s health went down. Tracy’s mobility was so restricted that his wife, Jackie had to help him out of bed, bathe him, and take him to and from work until going on disability leave.Read More

Men’s Health

Attention MEN… We’re going to give you the facts straight up. According to the CDC:

– Heart Disease and Cancer are the two leading causes of death for men in the US.
– 31.6% of men over the age of 20 have hypertension (high blood pressure).
– 34.6% of men over the age of 20 are obese.Read More

Cut Calories with 1 Simple Trick

Portrait of young happy smiling woman eating saladSuper-sized portions are everywhere – at restaurants, schools and in the grocery store aisles. This trend has certainly distorted the way most Americans view “normal” portions and contributed to the obesity epidemic (over two-thirds of the adult population in the U.S. is overweight or obese. scary, right?).

So whether your goal is to lose weight or simply to maintain, it’s important to control portion size and the calories you consume. In a recent study, researchers found a simple way to do just that.Read More

#NeoLifeShakeOff Contest

unnamed-3We love our shakes at NeoLife! We’ve made all kinds of variations and would love to hear your ideas for NeoLifeShake recipes! So, we thought, why not have some fun and hold a recipe contest?

Enter the Contest:

»Submit your best NeoLifeShake recipe on NeoLife’s social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) using the hashtag #NeoLifeShakeOff.
» Include a list of ingredients and easy-to-follow steps.
» Come up with a fun name for your recipe!
» Snap a pic (this will definitely get you bonus points).
» You can submit once per day. Submissions will be accepted until 12pm PST, Monday June 8th.

The NeoLife team is looking forward to choosing (and trying) the best ones! Winner’s will be featured on NeoLifeblog and WIN a sur-prize!

*For us to view posts with the hashtag #NeoLifeShakeOff please set the posts to public*

Popeye’s Passion

unnamed-13Looks like Popeye had the right idea! Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that a bowl of spinach every day increases muscle efficiency. In the study, participants who consumed 300 grams of spinach a day reduced the amount of oxygen required to power their muscles while exercising by five percent – after just three days of spinach consumption.Read More

NeoLife Fun Runs

fun_run_nlsquadNow that the weather is warming up, there are a ton of local fun runs, 10ks, and sporty outdoor events coming up. We encourage you to leverage these events for your business – and your health. Get your NeoLife Club Members and Promoters together for a fun group activity! You can even make the fun run your 30-Day Fitness Challenge goal.

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